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Blanche School

Schools Closed: Thursday, Nov. 3rd & Friday, Nov. 4th (2022)

Since last week we have been keeping a close eye on our absentee rate due to illness.  Our current numbers are quickly approaching/exceeding the numbers we were at last week when we cancelled school one day.  
Due to this, I am announcing today the following about Thursday and Friday:
  • Thursday Nov. 3, 2022  Lincoln County Schools (cancelled and all buildings and offices closed)
  • Friday Nov. 4, 2022 In-service for all staff is cancelled
  • All activities such as games and practices in which we have control are to be cancelled if scheduled from Thursday morning through Monday morning.  This includes games, practices, and festivals to name a few.
  • The LCHS Football game and practices will continue due to the TSSAA games and consequences of forfeiting

Dr. Bill Heath - Director of Schools